The Amazing Benefits to Using Evernote

I’ve heard about Evernote for years and for some reason, I’ve never tried it.  I knew it was one of the top ranked productivity apps on the market but I continued to use what I had been using for years.  Like most entrepreneurs, aside from wearing a lot of hats, you probably have notes written everywhere – your notebook, on sticky notes, in your phone and on your computer.

evernoteNow that I’m working from home, I have more of a need to connect my notes through multiple outlets.  I do most of my heavy lifting on my main computer at my home office, but when I meet clients at their location, I bring my laptop.  I recently downloaded Evernote, and it’s changed my way of taking notes and organizing data. Here’s how:

Evernote allows you to setup a “notebook”.  Imagine a notebook being like a folder on your computer.  I created a notebook for each one of my clients.  Within each notebook, you can take notes which you can separate by date, title, etc.  When I’m at a client’s location I open up Evernote on my laptop and type all of my notes directly into it. I can even take pictures of a whiteboard or of documents from my cell phone and save them within the client’s notebook.  The best part – when I get home, all of the notes are already sync’d with my office computer at home.  I can now access these notes from my office, my laptop and my mobile phone.  It’s amazing!

Evernote has a ton of other neat features like:

  • Web Clipper: when browsing the web on your computer or your phone, you can press one button and have the clip you’re reading sent to your Evernote account.
  • Photos: if you need to get a photo from your phone onto your computer real quick, instead of sending to yourself via email, now you can send it to Evernote.  Take a photo of something you need to remember and access it on all devices.
  • Emails: through Evernote’s upgraded plan, you can cc your Evernote in an email account to copy the email directly into your notebook.

I’m currently using the FREE plan and it’s already changed my life.  You can see their upgraded packages here.

Don’t just take my word for it, try Evernote for yourself.  It’s free!  Be sure to come back and thank me later.


Brian Golbourne

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