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Simple Hack to Increase Sales for Your Startup

It’s safe to assume that all startups have the same goal – close more deals.  The sales process can be a long one.  Becoming a master at sales is something that anyone who owns or operates a business needs to do.  Here’s a simple hack to help you close more deals: Schedule a Followup. Stop[…]

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The Importance of Relationships to Your Startup

Some of us are sales people who love to be on the phone and in people’s faces all day.  Some of us are not – and prefer to be “behind the scenes”.  The behind the scenes folks would rather not have too much human interaction throughout the day.  That’s me. I’ve always considered myself to[…]

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What I Learned About Pricing My Services

Pricing your services can take a while to figure out.  Once you’ve figured out how to market and generate some leads you have to make sure that you’re pricing is right.  I quickly learned that if your prices are too high for your market, you’re going to scare off potential buyers.  However if your prices[…]

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The Bright Side to a Failed Business

If you’re an optimist like me, you’ll know that there are plenty of positive things that come from a failed business.  This might sound absurd, but it’s true.  It can be unrealistic to think that you’re going to set out on your first attempt to start a business and find nothing but success.  In fact,[…]

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The Most Important Thing a Startup Should Focus On

In the last five months of being in business, I’ve learned that nothing is more important than making sure you have revenue coming in.  If you’re fully self employed and no longer have a pay check to rely on, having revenue means the difference between keeping your lights on or not.  It’s the difference in[…]