April 22, 2017

Graphic Design

No More Stock Photos! You Need Custom Designs.

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Things To Consider

  • Stock photos look cookie-cutter and don’t help your brand be remember.  Custom graphics give your brand an identity and set you apart from your competition.
  • Having a design firm to rely is not only beneficial for your website, but also for any online advertisements, newsletters or printed materials (flyers, banners, business cards, etc.)
  • Custom graphics adds authenticity and builds trust.  Would you trust a website filled with stock photos or one with well thought-out and brand related images?

I'd Like To Be Contacted:

Pricing & Product Descriptions

Web / Print Graphics

Description:  High resolution graphics that you can use on the web or for print.  Each graphic is designed per your instruction.  You will be allotted up to three (3) revisions and will receive all of the original (editable) files via email or Dropbox.

Cost: $100.00 per graphic

Logo Design

Description:  A complete design or re-design of your company logo from concept to completion.  Your logo will be designed per your instruction.  You will be allotted up to five (5) revisions and will receive all of the original (editable) graphic files via email or Dropbox.  We won’t stop until you have the logo you love!

Cost: $400.00 per logo


Turnaround Time: 

Max 72 hours pending approvals for all web / print graphics.  

Five business days on HTML newsletter and logo designs.

Additional Fees: None.

We Also Want to Mention:

  • All graphics are created and edited with Adobe Photoshop CC 2017.
  • All HTML newsletters are created and edited with Adobe Dreamweaver CC 2017.
  • Original (editable) Adobe files will be available to you upon request.

Samples of Our Work

Sample – Logos & Branding

Sample – Web / Print Graphics

Content Is King

When you create good content you get eyeballs and attention on your brand. When you have people's attention, you have an opportunity to generate leads which can turn into sales.

Consider Your Competition

What are your competitors doing? Are they consistently putting out good content? By making content marketing a priority you look like an industry expert and set yourself aside from the competition.

What Our Clients Think:

"We operated for years without a logo. When we finally decided to hire Fixed, they took the time to really understand our brand and the message we were trying to portray. They took it upon themselves to surprise us and use the Jamaican Doctor Bird as part of our new logo which was extremely thoughtful - everyone loved it. They were also very reasonably priced and helped split our payment into two in consideration of the fact that we are a non-profit. I will use them for everything going forward!"
Georgia Bryden
Georgia Bryden
Secretary, Sydenham & Friends Reunion Association