How Using Dropbox Can Make Your Startup More Efficient

sharebox_transparentWhat is Dropbox?  Dropbox is a free cloud-based service that lets you easily store and share all of your files from anywhere in the world.  When you download and install Dropbox on your computer, you’re given a folder, just like the other folders on your computer.  The difference is, this folder can be sync’d amongst all of your devices.  When you drop something in the folder, it’ll appear in our Dropbox folder on your mobile device app, your laptop, your desktop or anywhere else you have Dropbox installed.  Furthermore, you can share folders!  Let’s pretend you’re sharing a folder with your business partner in a different state.  When they add, remove or change a file in that folder, the same changes will be reflected in yours.

Here are a few ways using Dropbox can make your startup more efficient:

  1. Instant Backup: spend less time worrying about backing up your files – which is super important to any small business.  When you put a file in Dropbox, it’s automatically synced in the cloud amongst all of your devices.
  2. Instant Sharing: spend less time emailing files to one another with updates.  When you share a folder, all files are automatically updated to everyone who’s involved.
  3. Hidden Features: deleted files are not actually discarded for good.  They’re saved for 30 days before they gone forever.

My favorite feature in Dropbox is the auto-sync without a double.  When someone sends me a file on my laptop, I can save it in my Dropbox folder and when I go to work on my PC, it’s automatically there.  I use Dropbox for ALL of my files now so that my desktop, laptop and iPhone files are always exactly the same, just how I like them.  Sign up for your free account at

Brian Golbourne

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