Great Content: Three Secrets To Making Your Content Stand Out

Now days, great content can come in many different shapes and sizes.  You can create your own content by using graphics, videos, photos or words in a blog post like this one.  No matter what type of content you’re publishing, you want it to be better than average, right?  Great content attracts attention while less-than-perfect content does not.  It’s that simple.  If you publish something that is boring, ugly or simply unappealing it’s safe to assume that it won’t help you accomplish your goal of gaining attention.  The better the content the more people watch, the more people share and the more people remember it.

Tips for Creating Great Content

There are three very easy-to-remember secrets to producing good content and if you follow this blog, you’ve heard them before.

#1. Great Content Should Entertain Your Audience.

Whether you’re publishing ridiculously cute cat videos or memes encouraging your audience to “guess what day it is,” your content needs to be entertaining.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a picture, a video or an article, remember you want to capture attention.  This doesn’t necessarily mean it must be funny, but it needs to be entertaining enough to captivate your audience.  You can do this by adding graphics, colors, music and more.

#2. Great Content Should Educate Your Audience.

If the content you are providing is educational, you’re winning.  People read and watch posts on the internet to either be educated on a topic or entertained.  That’s it!  If you’re achieving one of the other, you’re winning.  Publishing educational content makes you look like an industry leader and entices your audience to trust you and come back for more.

#3. Great Content Should Engage Your Audience.

Engaging with your audience is key.  Let them know that there are real people behind your content.  You can do this by asking questions, encouraging comments and making sure to respond to any and all comments in a timely manner.  Be active on social media and take the time to like, share and comment on posts that you follow.  Taking these simple steps will help you gain followers for life.

We refer to the above as the Three E’s of Content Marketing.  Whenever you’re publishing content always make sure its entertaining or educational, and never forget to engage your audience.  You also want to make sure it’s unique (read: Five Reasons Why Your Business Needs Unique Content).  If you follow these steps you’ll create a relationship with your customers that your competitors can’t.

Brian Golbourne

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