Tips for Creating Great Content

Great Content: Three Secrets To Making Your Content Stand Out

Now days, great content can come in many different shapes and sizes.  You can create your own content by using graphics, videos, photos or words in a blog post like this one.  No matter what type of content you’re publishing, you want it to be better than average, right?  Great content attracts attention while less-than-perfect[…]

Five Reasons Why Your Small Business Needs Unique Content

You all hear about “unique content” and “content creation” all the time but do you have a grasp on what it really is and why it’s important to your brand?  If not, listen up. There are a few things we know for sure: We know that creating unique and consistent content is important to your[…]

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A Quick and Easy Way to Ensure Consistency

One of my biggest personal challenges that I face on daily basis is finding a way to stay consistent.  I’m currently in charge of operating several small businesses and making sure that they all get an equal amount of attention has been a challenge.  To me, it’s all about organization.  When you are organized you[…]

How Using Dropbox Can Make Your Startup More Efficient

What is Dropbox?  Dropbox is a free cloud-based service that lets you easily store and share all of your files from anywhere in the world.  When you download and install Dropbox on your computer, you’re given a folder, just like the other folders on your computer.  The difference is, this folder can be sync’d amongst[…]

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How to Be More Productive Managing Your Daily Email

How do you manage your emails?  If you’re like most people in the workforce, emails are a vital piece of your day to day operation.  While I think that emails can be a distraction you should learn to avoid, I do understand how important it can be to the success of your startup.  With that[…]

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The Amazing Benefits to Using Evernote

I’ve heard about Evernote for years and for some reason, I’ve never tried it.  I knew it was one of the top ranked productivity apps on the market but I continued to use what I had been using for years.  Like most entrepreneurs, aside from wearing a lot of hats, you probably have notes written[…]

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The Science Behind Distractions and How to Avoid Them

In today’s day and age we’re faced with more distractions on a day to day bases than ever before. I think it’s safe to assume that most of these distractions are now coming to us in a digital form.  New emails, text messages, cell phone notifications, phone calls, television and social media are all contributing[…]

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Inspiration: Take Your Startup to the Next Level

Just wanted to share a video that I found on YouTube that I’m pretty sure any entrepreneur would appreciate.  It’s called “Take Your Startup to the Next Level” posted by Michael Sadowski.  It reminds me of a quote I posted a while ago from Marcus Lemonis stating that “Every business in America that’s successful today[…]

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How Timing Can Be The Most Important Thing To Your Startup

“Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the face” – Mike Tyson There are five essential elements that lead to success in any startup: Timing (42%) Team / Execution (32%) The Idea (28%) Business Model (24%) Funding (14%) In this video, entrepreneur Bill Gross discusses the five different elements and how “timing” seems[…]