A Quick and Easy Way to Ensure Consistency

being-more-consistentOne of my biggest personal challenges that I face on daily basis is finding a way to stay consistent.  I’m currently in charge of operating several small businesses and making sure that they all get an equal amount of attention has been a challenge.  To me, it’s all about organization.  When you are organized you are able to be more efficient and although you’re getting stuff done, it’s super important that you’re staying consistent.

This blog, for example, is something I need to be more consistent with.  My goal is to make sure it’s updated with relevant content at least a few times per week.  In all honesty, doing so is hard when I have other responsibilities that can sometimes be more pressing.  After acknowledging that I needed a solution, here’s a process I put in place to ensure more consistency:

Do things at the same time every day.

Make it a habit to do something at the same time every day.  That could be going to the gym, writing a blog post or eating a meal.  In doing so, your body and mind get used to it and after a few weeks you won’t feel right unless you accomplish that task at that time.  I’ve decided to write on my blog in the morning when I wake up before I eat breakfast.  If I want to eat, I need to make sure my post for the day is done.  This simple hack helps me ensure consistency.

swallow-the-frogSwallow the frog.

Imagine how gross it would be to actually swallow a frog!  But on the bright side, once you swallowed that frog, it would be over and done with – quick and easy.  The term “swallow the frog” means just that.  Take the one item on your to-do list that you’re dreading and do it FIRST.  Get it over and done with (swallow that frog) so that you can cross it off your list and move on with your day.

Reward yourself.

When you reward yourself for being consistent, you will subconsciously continue that behavior.  As I mentioned earlier, I won’t eat breakfast until my blog post is done, so there is my reward.  What is the one thing you want to be consistent with?  Try rewarding yourself with a break or a treat after it’s done every single day.  You’ll get to the point where you know you have to complete the task to get a reward….just like a dog!  Its the same concept.


Being consistent in anything in life is super important to your success.  No matter what category it falls in – small business, health and fitness, spirituality, etc. – you must be consistent to achieve the results that you want to.   What are your hacks to be more consistent?

Brian Golbourne

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